When My Dog Became More Than “My Dog”

I’ve been trying for a week to figure out how to articulate something I’m sure many other dog people have experienced.  I’m equally sure many of those people have explained the phenomenon much better than I ever will. But here goes. Something shifted in my relationship with Jack last Sunday. I can tell you the… Continue reading When My Dog Became More Than “My Dog”

Countdown to ORT-Day 20

HOLY FREAKING COW…IT’S ONLY 20 DAYS TO OUR FIRST ORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay…big deep breath…that helped…one more…. Minor freak out today when I realized it’s only 20 days until mine and Jack’s first ORT (Odor Recognition Test). No biggie, right? Just my very first dog sport event as a handler EVER! One more big deep breath… Thankfully… Continue reading Countdown to ORT-Day 20